We have these GREAT new things, Fast Rack!


This fantastic, new, and innovative product in the home-brew industry allows you to drain, stack and store your bottles in minimal space. After you're bottles have been cleaned and santized, how do you keep them clean and sanitized? Well, the Fast Rack hold the bottles from the outside and allow them to drain fully, minimizing any contact with a contaminated surface, rather than gripping from the inside and holding at an angle therefor allowing a nice place for bacteria to grow. For those of you that always have trouble finding somewhere to store your cleaned bottles and keep them clean, the Fast Rack is just for you! 

It was featured on Dragons Den! Check it out!

Now in!!

We've finally recieved the last installment of this years Restricted Quanitity wines!

The Spanish Monastrell Petit Verdot opens up with a combination of black cherry, plum, and earthy aromas. Medium bodied and well-balanced, this wine features dense flavours of black fruit, smoke, cedar, and hints of vanilla on the palate, with a firm tannin finish. 3/3/0

We have this wine available as part of this years Barrel Ageing project. For an extra $30 we will blend your batch into an oak barrel filled with a bunch of other batches of the same, where it will age for 6 months. After the ageing is done, it's all ready for you to bottle and drink, as we have done the bulk ageing for you! If you like a nice rich oaky red, this is just the project for you!

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Our new 3 litre reusable wine bags fit 4 bottles

and are perfect for on-the-go wine enthusiasts!

They're Arriving!



Torrontes -0/3/0 

Sémillon -

Sauvignon Blanc -1/3/0

Shiraz - Viognier - 4/4/0               

Nero D'Avola - 3/3/0               

Welcome the 2013 Grapes!

Take advantage of our expert knowledge to make stunning wines using world class grapes, shipped directly to us from Hague Cellars in Washington State!




Pinot Gris 


 Now available by the Half Batch! (15 bottles)

TOP HAT by Glad Hatter

The ultra premium 1/2-batch kit!

Top-Hat kits produce 11.5L (15 bottles) of really high quality wine, allowing you to explore the possibilities of high-end wine without committing to a full 30 bottle batch. 


Winery Series Whites Available Now!


At long last RJS has come up with two white wines worthy of one of the top kits on the market! We have all been impressed with the reds in the Winery Series - now it's time to see what kind of magic they've worked with Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay. 

UPDATE (Sept.18): The first Sauvignon Blancs & Chardonnays are just finishing up, and as expected - they are DIVINE!